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"Elora is one of the best editors I know. She holds nothing back, and that same talent she brings to her own writing - one that is both natural and cultivated over years of practice - can transform a book. She can look at the entire story from a bird's eye view, cut to the heart of a pacing or character development issue, and imagine big picture resolutions. I'm incredibly grateful to call her a critique partner and know she will bring her stellar abilities to every book she edits." 

Alexandria Rogers - Author of THE WITCH, THE SWORD, AND THE CURSED KNIGHTS / Little Brown, 2022


Query Critiques


1 Pass → $10.00

2 Passes → $15.00


1 Pass → $15.00

*Note: Synopsis should be 1 page single-spaced and broken up into paragraphs. If longer, $5 will be added for each additional page.


Query + Synopsis + Twitter Pitch Pass → $30.00

Chapter Critique


First Chapter → $15.00

In this service, I will review your first chapter (up to 5k words) and give an overall critique of pacing, character introduction, setting, if it feels like it's starting in the right place, and some in-line edits. The in-line edits will be for errors I notice or suggestions about how to spice up the first chapter in certain sentences.

First Three Chapters → $30.00

This service is similar to the first chapter critique, but for your first three chapters (up to 15k words).

Reader Report

Full Report

If you'd like an overall report on your manuscript, I charge $3.00 per page. This includes an edit letter of 5 - 6 pages detailing what I liked, a list of questions I had throughout, developmental problems with suggestions, and miscellaneous things. 


Partial Report

If you'd like a review of the first fifty pages of your manuscript (what an agent would request in a partial), then this is also an option. Price point is still $3.00 a page.

*Note: An industry standard format is required. This means double-spaced, 1.5 margins in Times New Roman 12-point.

Frequently asked questions

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in Young Adult manuscripts. Specfically in contemporaries, thrillers / mysteries, contemporary fantasies, and romance. I'm open to reading any kind of YA, but please note I may not be the best for heavy sci-fi or dark horror / gore. I'm also open to Middle Grade and Adult stories, but again, please no heavy sci-fi or dark horror / gore. If you're not sure if we'd be a good match, please reach out through the contact form and we can discuss.

How do I pay?

Payment is through PayPal and I will give an invoice for your reciepts. Payment is also needed upfront before I can begin reviewing your services and is in Canadian (CAN) currency. For the reader report, 50% is needed upfront and the rest provided before I send over my edit letter. For Canadians: You may also e-transfer me the money if you'd prefer. I will send more information once you've reached out.

Can you give me a referral to your agent?

Unfortunately, whatever services I provide does not mean an endorsement / referral to my agent. I give those out sparingly and only to manuscripts that I've read fully that I believe would be a great match.

What's your editing style?

I tend to lean toward the side of critique and less cheerleading, so don't expect all gushing and a few suggestions here and there! When I dive into an edit, I always try to be as thorough as possible. So don't be surprised if I send back your query, etc full of the digital red pen! Though you can always count on me to be professional and respectful of your work. Where I offer critique and suggestions, I will also highlight where I believe your strengths lie and how you could enhance them.

What format do you critique in?

I use Microsoft Word to leave in-line comments, track changes, and an overall review at the bottom of the query, synopsis, and chapter(s).

Contact Me
Please let me know what service you're interested in, your manuscript's age category, genre, and page count (for reader report). I'll respond as soon as I can!

Thanks for reaching out!